Jonathan Alibone


'I intend my art to not so much reveal and illuminate, but to deepen mysteries, to declare the strange, even terrifying, in the familiar and the commonplace. In short, to enact a strategy to en-chant the humble, and to transform the everyday by introducing ambiguity, and uncertainty. This strategy works to reinforce the perception of people, places and objects as liminal, existing simultaneously in two worlds or states; here there is found an absence in every presence, and vice versa. Like residual and indistinct memories, they are ambiguous and unreliable, half forgotten, half remembered.'

Alibone's work proceeds from the position that argues meaning to be mutable and contingent; it is as easily imposed as it is undermined and divested. The subjects occupy the uncertain territory between the earnest and the playful, the ironic and the elevated, allowing innuendo and ambiguity to extend meaning beyond what is depicted. The work’s realism forces both a dis-junction with the world, while at the same time its familiarity insists on its place within it. Meaning is foregrounded by the absence, or the instability, of meaning; the search for meaning thus becomes the subject.

Jonathan Alibone is an artist based in Northampton, UK, and is currently a resident at The Sanctuary studios. He has exhibited widely, including at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, and his work features in collections throughout Europe, Russia and USA. Alibone has collaborated on a number of projects, and worked in a variety of mediums, such as video, installation, and sound. However, in 2014 he rediscovered his passion and enthusiasm for oil paint, and since then has worked almost exclusively in the medium, striving to innovate and develop a technique to effectively, and economically, give form to his ideas.

2019 'Promise & Ruin', NN Contemporary Art Northampton, Northampton, UK
2019 'Paint', PS Mirabel, Manchester, UK
2019 'Wells Art Contemporary (WAC) 2019', Wells Cathedral, Wells, Somerset, UK
2019 'Let's talk about the Anthropocene', University of Brighton, Brighton, UK
2019 'Perfectly Formed', Andelli Art Gallery, Wells, Somerset, UK
2018-19 'The Derwent Art Prize', The Mall Galleries, London; Trowbridge Arts; the Derwent Pencil Museum in Keswick, Cumbria, UK
2018 'Second Floor Studios & Arts Painting Open 2018', No Format Gallery, London, UK
2018 'Wells Art Contemporary Awards 2018', Bishop’s Palace & Gardens, Wells, Somerset, UK
2018 'Twice As Nice', PS Mirabel Open Exhibition, PS Mirabel, Manchester, UK
2018 'Fold - Sanctuary Summer Show', The Artist Sanctuary, Northampton, UK
2018 'Tayne Painters', The Artist Sanctuary, Northampton, UK
2018 The Bath Open Art Prize 2018, 44ad artspace, Bath, UK
2018 NN Contemporary Art Open Exhibition 2018, NN Contemporary Art, Northampton, UK
2017 The London Group Open 2017, The Cello Factory, London
2017 'The Falls - Autumn Show', The Artist Sanctuary, Northampton, UK
2017 The Harley Open 2017, The Harley Gallery, Welbeck, UK
2017 'Small World', PS Mirabel, Manchester, UK
2017 The Martyrs' Gallery Summer Salon, Lewes, UK
2017 'Ground', Andelli Art Gallery, Wells, Somerset, UK
2016 'The Dark Arts', Candid Arts Trust, London
2016 'Wells Art Contemporary Awards 2016', The Bishop's Palace, Wells, Somerset
2016 'It's Art Call', D Contemporary Gallery, London
2016 The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, The Royal Academy, London
2015 'Open Sesame', Artshed launch event, Atom Gallery, London
2015 'Miraculous Urgency', Now and Again Gallery, Brighton
2015 Leicester and East Midlands Open Art Exhibition, Newarke Houses Museum & Gardens, Leicester
2014 The Pros and The Cons, The Sanctuary, Northampton.
2014 NN Contemporary Open Exhibition Launch, NN Contemporary Art Northampton
2013 Small Acts of Detachment, Collective Collaborations, Market Walk, Northampton
2013 The Title Art Prize 2013, Blankspace, 43 Hulme Street, Manchester
2013 10 Years of The Sanctuary – Exhibition and Open Studios, The Sanctuary, Northampton
2013 The Cork Street Open Exhibition, The Gallery, 28 Cork Street, London
2013 To All Who Come To This Happy Place, Reading Room Gallery, Soho, London
2013 Deck the Walls, Opus Fine Art, Stow on the Wold, Gloucestershire
2013 Crash Open Salon 2012, Charlie Dutton Gallery, London
2012 Project 2012: The End of The World Exhibition Finale, Mile End Art Pavilion, London
2012 Artefacts of Failure, Quad, Market Place, Derby
2012 The Cabinet Exhibition, Islington Arts Factory, London
2012 Past and Present, Occupy My Time Gallery, 9 Resolution Way, Deptford, London
2012 Project 2012 – The End of the World, The Gallery on the Corner, Battersea, London
2012 Answers on the Front of a Postcard, Opus Fine Art
2011-12 Crash Open 2011 – Charlie Dutton Gallery, London


Selected for NN Contemporary Art Open NN Contemporary Art, Northampton

Cork Street Open Drawing Prize The Gallery in Cork Street

Shortlisted for The Title Art Prize Blank Media Collective

Finalist, The Aesthetica Creative Works Annual Aesthetica Magazine